What are FLU-FIT & FLU-FOBT Programs?

FLU-FIT and FLU-FOBT Programs help clinical teams increase access to colorectal cancer screening by offering home tests to patients at the time of their annual flu shots. Successful FLU-FIT and FLU-FOBT Programs have been implemented in public and private clinic settings. They have been pilot tested in commercial pharmacies, too.

These programs were awarded the Annual Prevention Laurel for Innovative Programs by the Prevent Cancer Foundation, the National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable, and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in 2013. They have recently been recognized as Evidence-Based Cancer Control Programs (EBCCP) by the National Cancer Institute.

The FLU-FIT Program has been featured on the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality’s Innovations Exchange. The American Cancer Society is currently introducing FLU-FIT Programs in several community health centers across the country.


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See how it works at Kaiser Permanente

This short video shows how Kaiser Permanente has used the FluFit program to increase screening rates in the context of a high-volume flu vaccination campaign.


See how it works inCommunity Health Centers

This video shows how FluFIT programs can work in community health centers. Though it was created prior to the recommendation to start screening at age 45 and demonstrates the use of guaiac stool tests that are no longer recommended, it remains relevant and includes voices of clinic leaders and staff who have had success with our program.


Together We Can Make an Impact

FLU-FIT and FLU-FOBT Programs were developed with support from the American Cancer Society, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the HMO Cancer Research Network, and the Alexander and Margaret Stewart Trust, and the San Francisco Cancer Initiative at University of California, San Francisco. 

For more information about how the FLUFIT program works, check out the Flow Diagram and the Implementation Guide below, as well as our Staff Training and Program Materials pages.

“Offering FIT at the time of annual influenza vaccination is a proven way to increase colorectal cancer screening in diverse practice settings.”

Michael Potter, MD

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