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FluFIT Research and Related Publications

Reviews of the FluFIT Program from the National Cancer Institute and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

(1) NCI Research Tested Interventions review of the FluFIT Program

(2) Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality’s Innovations Exchange review of the FluFIT Program at Chinatown Public Health Center in San Francisco.

Research  Articles about the FluFIT Program:

Community Health Centers

• Potter MB, Phengrasamy L, Hudes ES, McPhee SJ, Walsh JM. Offering annual fecal occult blood tests at annual flu shot clinics increases colorectal cancer screening rates. Ann Fam Med. 2009;7:17-23.

• Potter MB, Yu TM, Gildengorin G, Yu AY, Chan K, Green LW, McPhee SJ, Walsh JM. Adaptation of the FLU-FOBT Program for a primary care clinic serving a low income Chinese-American community: New evidence of effectiveness. J Health Care Poor Underserved. 2011;22:284-295.

• Potter MB, Walsh JM, Yu TM, Gildengorin G, Green LW, McPhee SJ. The effectiveness of the FLU-FOBT Program in primary care: A randomized trial. Am J Prev Med. 2011;41:9-16.

• Walsh JM, Gildengorin G, Green LW, Jenkins J, Potter MB. The FLU-FOBT Program in community clinics: durable benefits of a randomized controlled trial. Health Educ Res. 2012 Oct;27(5):886-94.

Managed Care Settings

• Potter MB, Somkin CP, Ackerson LM, Gomez V, Dao T, Horberg MA, Walsh J ME. The FLU-FIT program: an effective colorectal cancer screening program for high volume flu shot clinics. Am J Manag Care. 2011;17(8):577-83.

• Potter MB, Ackerson LM, Gomez V, Walsh JM, Green LW, Levin TR, Somkin CP. Effectiveness and reach of the FLU-FIT program in an integrated health care system: a multisite randomized trial. Am J Public Health. 2013 Jun;103(6).


• Potter MB, Gildengorin G, Wang Y, Wu M, Kroon L. Comparative effectiveness of two pharmacy-based colorectal cancer screening interventions during an annual influenza vaccination campaign. J Am Pharm Assoc. 2010;50:181-7

Information about Colorectal Cancer Screening Guidelines and FIT:

• Bibbins-Domingo K, Grossman DC, Curry SJ, Davidson KW, Epling JW, Garcia FA, Gillman MW, Harper DM, Kemper AR, Krist AH, Kurth AE, Landefeld CS, Mangione CM, Owens DK, Phllips WR, Phipps MG, Pignone MP, Siu AL.  Screening for Colorectal Cancer: US Preventive Services Task Force Recommendation Statement. JAMA. 2016;315:2564-75.

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• Tinmouth J, Lansdorp-Vogelaar I, Allison JE.Faecal immunochemical tests versus guaiac faecal occult blood tests: what clinicians and colorectal cancer screening programme organisers need to know. GUT. 2015;64:1327   Volume: 64   Issue: 8   Pages: 1327-U204   Published: AUG 2015

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Information about Colorectal Cancer Screening in Diverse Practice Settings:

• Sarfaty M. Doroshenk MA, Hotz J, Brooks D, Hayashi S, Davis TC, Joseph D, Stevens D, Weaver DL, Potter, MB, Wender R. Strategies for expanding colorectal cancer screening at community health centers. CA Cancer J Clin. 2013 Jul;63(4):221-31.

• Potter MB. Strategies and resources to address colorectal cancer screening rates and disparities in the United States and globally. Annu Rev Public Health. 2013;34:413-29

• Verma M, Sarfaty M, Brooks D, Wender RC.  Population-based programs for increasing colorectal cancer screening in the United States. CA Cancer J Clin. 2015:;65:497-510.

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• Lindsey L, Husband A, Nazar H, Todd A.  Promoting early detection of cancer: a systematic review of community pharmacy-based screening interventions.  Cancer Epidemiol. 2015;39:673-81.